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Email Security

Email security is the term for any procedure that protects email content and accounts against unauthorised access. These measures secure client accounts and information from hackers.  Email continues to be the most popular attack vector, via organisations at their email perimeters, from inside the organisation (through compromised accounts, vulnerable insiders and social engineering), or beyond the organisation’s perimeters.

Email Security

The most common type of cyber attacks by far are Phishing attacks – staff receiving fraudulent emails or being directed to fraudulent websites. Phishing attacks represented 86% of breaches or attacks in the last 12 months as reported in the 2020 Cyber Security Breaches Survey.

Types of Email Attacks:

  • Spam

  • Email Phishing

  • Domain and Email Spoofing

  • Impersonation Fraud

  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Consequences of Email Attacks:

  • Malware (Malicious Software)

  • Ransomware

  • Credential Theft

  • Money-transfer fraud

We provide a managed Email Security solution that provides the following Inbound and Outbound capabilities:

Inbound Capabilities:

  • Anti-Phishing, Spoofing & Ransomware Protection

  • Virus, Spam & Malware Protection

  • Email Quarantine

  • Sandbox Detonation Capabilities

  • Real-Time Reporting / Auditing

  • Certified Email Delivery

  • Email Profile Protection

  • Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection


Outbound Capabilities:

  • Encrypted Secure-Reply

  • 256-Bit AES Email Encryption

  • Advanced Tracking Metrics

  • Two-Factor Authentication Capabilities

  • Sensitive Content Detection & Alerting

  • Compliance Capability (including GDPR)

  • Customisable Data-Loss Prevention (DLP)

Email Security is one of our Managed Service options. This can be combined with any of our other Managed Service offerings as required and tailored to the needs of your business.

StarSwift Managed Security Services:

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