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Industry Focus: HEALTHCARE

Information Security insight and trends affecting the Healthcare Industry

2020 saw a substantial increase in the number of data breaches and security incidents across the Healthcare sector. Healthcare as a target industry remains one of the top verticals for almost every Cyber Security report we read.


The 2020 Phishing by Industry Benchmark Report demonstrated that small to medium sized Healthcare and Pharmaceutical organisations (less than 1000 employees) were the most “phish-prone” industry – most likely to fall victim to a social engineering attack via email.

Security Awareness Training

When users have not been tested or more importantly trained, the initial baseline phishing security tests show how likely users in these industries are to fall victim to a phishing scam and put their companies at risk for potential compromise. Industry Wide, reports show that 37.9% of untrained users will fail a phishing test.


Ransomware shows the greatest growth in number of attacks against Healthcare providers.

A Ransomware attack has the power to cause huge disruption and even impact the life-saving services provided by some healthcare providers. With an average of 626 ransomware attacks weekly on healthcare organisations, it is evident that Healthcare remains a key area of focus and where cyber criminals believe the money to be.

More Information

We work with a number of organisations across the Healthcare Sector and would be happy to discuss how we could support your business.

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